SAJMR: Southeast Asian Journal of Management and Research is an international peer-reviewed and open-access journal that publishes research papers covering all aspects of Management Science. The objective of SAJMR is to establish an effective communication channel among stakeholders, including academic and research institutions, businesses, governments, and society. SAJMR also aims to promote and disseminate research findings in the development of the science and practice of Management Science with several concentrations.

SAJMR: Southeast Asian Journal of Management and Research focuses on various themes, topics, and aspects of Management Science, including the following:

- Management Finance
- Management
- Marketing
- Management Accounting
- Human Resources
- Operations and Supply Chain Management
- Strategy
- Organizational Behavior
- Entrepreneurship
- Information Systems
- International Business
- Project Management
- Strategic Management
- Business and Marketing
- Advertising
- Organization Studies
- National Resources Management
- Crisis Management
- Information Technology Management
- Technology Management
- Industrial Management
- Health and Safety Management
- Executive Management
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Business Ethics and Law